Our Sonoran Desert is home to some fabulous hiking options for everyone including dogs and kids.  Diversely rugged land, archaeological sites, Saguaro cacti, mountains, geology, desert landscapes and educational trails make up our list of amazing hikes we can take you and your group on. 

Our hiking tours are all private so you don't need to worry about other guests jumping on. Our guides can put together a tour for you to suit your style, from easy trail hiking to advanced, fitness hiking.  We have plenty of options here in the Valley of the Sun. Half-day and Full-day options are available.  Meet us at the trailhead of our guides can pick you up for an added transportation fee.

Have you ever wanted to mountain bike in the middle of the desert?  From first-timers to experienced riders, our mountain bike guides are dedicated to showing you some of the best single track our Sonoran Desert has to offer. Our mountain bike tours include a Cannondale hard tail mountain bike, helmet, gloves, water and snacks by Kate's Real food.  Half-day and Full-day trips are available as well as upgraded bikes.

All tours are private so you not need to worry about outside guests being added to your personal experience. Once booked we will create your adventure based on your location to maximize trail time. Meet us as the trailhead or we can pick you up and drop you off for an additional fee. 

If it isn't obvious, we are super excited to get out in the desert with you.  Below you'll find our "standard" options, the basics of what we do.  But we are here to make every tour the best tour you've ever been on.  So shoot us a note or give us a call and we would love to craft your dream adventure.  Even better, check out our "Off the Beaten Path" tours or Sedona Day Tours to take your adventure to the next level!  

Speaking of the best tour ever, we would love to have the whole family along!  If your kids can ride a bike or would like to join a hike, bring 'em!  We'll make sure to pick the perfect combination of location and duration keep everybody having a good time.

Finally, let us know if you need a lift.  We'd be happy to swing by and pick you.  Uber is cool, but we're a little cooler.  Check out our rates below.

​So peruse away and pick a day and we'll all go HUG A CACTUS!

​                                        Proudly permitted! 

Our tours!

Mountain Bike Tours

Road Cycling Tours

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Hiking Tours

The Valley of the Sun has some epic, beautiful and challenging road rides if cycling is your choice of sightseeing. We don't rent road bikes so if you bring yours and you would like our company we would be happy to plan a half day (30-50)miles or a full day (50-100 miles) of riding with you.  If you don't have your bike with you, we know some great places in the valley to rent one.  Give us a call and we'll make sure you get what you need.

From scenic moderate to challenging paces we can make the road route to fit your expectations.

Phoenix/Scottsdale has innumerable options in terms of where to ride.  We'll coordinate with you to ride from where you are staying, meet somewhere to accommodate your riding preferences, or pick you up for an additional fee.