Sunset Hiking & Mountain Bike Tours in Phoenix & Scottsdale AZ

These sunset tours are absolutely made for couples – especially those marking an anniversary, birthday or special milestone, with a delightfully romantic sunset awaiting as our gift to you.

Deep purples often reign as bright, warm yellows mix with glowing oranges, radiant reds, and all shades of heartbreakingly brilliant blues.
The Arizona sky serves as the vivid canvas splashed with these vibrant colors at sunset, with each evening producing a unique masterpiece to behold on the horizon in the Phoenix & Scottsdale area. 
Nothing quite compares to these remarkable natural artworks lighting up the night in the Valley of the Sun.
Perhaps the best place to experience this heaven-sent fireworks show is in the soothing solace of the Sonoran Desert.
And that makes a guided sunset hiking or mountain bike tour with the Wild Bunch Desert Guides the perfect vehicle for witnessing the one-of-a-kind wonder of the Arizona sun colorfully crashing down on the horizon. 

Sunset Mountain Biking Tour in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ

We take groups of 25 people or less on mountain biking, and 30 or less on guided hiking adventures they'll remember for a lifetime. Booking with Wild Bunch Desert Guides you will discover the exotic wild west beauty of Arizona’s picturesque Sonoran Desert. Groups of 10 or more please call us at 602-663-0842 to book. Smaller groups, please book online below.
Hiking Tours in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ
Mountain Biking Tours in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ
2X the Fun - Hiking & Mountain Biking Tours in Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ
All tours include snacks, water, and a professional guide for 3-4 hours of Mountain Biking (90 minutes for Sonoran Explorin). Families with kids receive a $15 discount per child 10-and-under. An adult must accompany children. 

PRICES DO NOT include taxes, an online booking-system fee, and any gratuity decided upon by our guests.

TIPPING TIP: Same as any service industry workers, the best adventure travel tour guides typically earn a gratuity of 20-percent or more from their guests.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All we ask for is a credit card to hold the time and guide. We know minds and plans change. We offer a full refund up to 48 hours before the departure time of your tour. After that, 50-percent of the deposit is forfeited to help cover the costs of guides, as well as booking, bikes, and other equipment. Thank you for understanding. NOTE: Weather rarely works against outdoor plans in the “Valley of the Sun,” but should we have to cancel a tour to preserve the delicate balances in the desert, we will refund everything.

GROUP POLICY: For Groups of 10 or more please call us at 602-663-0842 to schedule, online booking is not available. A 20-percent gratuity will be added to the tour total. The group outings require extra planning and guides, so we ask that you confirm your group number 48 hours in advance. If things change last minute, please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate, but Safety and Service will be our primary focus. Thanks for understanding!
NOTE: The pickup-and-drop-off transportation option for any adventure booking remains available. However, because of the heightened risk of COVID-19 exposure to our guests and guides from riding in a vehicle together, all guests are asked to consider selecting instead the booking option of meeting their guide at the trailhead. Detailed directions are provided to those guests selecting this option. Thank you for understanding and considering ahead of time this difficult but necessary safety precaution during this challenging time.

Early riser? Want to hike before our scheduled start times? Give us a call at 602-663-0842 and we'll try to accommodate you.

Whether hiking or biking -- either alone or with a chosen travel party – these 90-minute sunset tours are offered with a 3:30 p.m. pickup at your resort/hotel or a 4:00 p.m. meet-the-guide-at-the-trail option.
Those times do vary starting in mid-October because of earlier-and-earlier sunsets leading into winter. Adjustments also are required each spring when a superior Arizona sundown becomes progressively later in the evening.
For exact times on the dates desired, and discuss your own splendid sunset tour, please contact the Wild Bunch at 602-663-0842 or send us an email.
Sunset tours are a popular choice for people flying in same day--please note that these same day arrival bookings are non-refundable meaning if your flight is late or cancelled and you have taken the risk of booking same day and you don’t show up you will be charged in full. That said we can try to get you out on another day however either way you will be charged in full. So please think about this risk.
Sunset Hiking Tour in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ
Same as any Wild Bunch guided adventure, the sunset tours are exclusively private to you and your family or travel party. There is no squeezing in some random college kids from Cleveland, or Bob from Buffalo and his annoying girlfriend Karen from Kalamazoo.

These are not the bus tours packed with tourists from one of the big box stores in town.

Instead of flying commercial, you are on a private jet to fun and memorable moments with the Wild Bunch.
And these sunset tours are absolutely made for couples – especially those marking an anniversary, birthday or special milestone, with a delightfully romantic sunset awaiting as our gift to you.

Sunset tours from the Wild Bunch also are completely customizable during the booking process with our details-oriented personalized follow-up.

You are not herded along like cattle on the same well-worn path listening to the same script you could hear on every Jungle Cruise at Disneyland or Disney World.

Instead, Wild Bunch takes the time to get to know you – and know about your special needs and wishes -- because you are more than a faceless number to us.
The big box commercial outfits are worried about their bottom line. The Wild Bunch worries about your unforgettably great times.
So, you decide on the soundtrack to your real-life action movie and dance to the beat of your own drummer as the colorful curtain comes down on another day in Phoenix and Scottsdale.
Just don’t forget you are the photographer documenting this memory-making, too, so be sure to snap some incredible photos while enjoying the breathtaking view. (We might surprise you by snapping a few pictures, too!)
Almost better than the best sunset you will ever witness?
Except for dressing you for the conditions, the Wild Bunch Desert Guides take care of every other logistical concern.
So, you are covered with snacks and water for your guided hiking or mountain bike tour in Phoenix and Scottsdale.
Wild Bunch also provides the hiking necessities in the backpacks you will borrow or provide the mountain biking gear needed to traverse the trails.

And with a medically trained professional guide at your side, there is no need for maps or navigational gear or other safety concerns on your adventure tour.
Just be sure to check the forecasted temperatures and bring along a jacket, if necessary, in the cooler months.
Oh! And be sure to charge your cellphone for any emergencies – like the phone call to family and friends missing out on the fantastic scenes you are about to add to your vacation photo album.


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