COVID-19 Protocols for Hiking and Mountain Biking

COVID-19 Protocols Used By Wild Bunch Desert Guides

The health and safety of our hiking and mountain biking guests is the top priority of the Wild Bunch Desert Guides. That is why we have been regularly complimented and highly praised by countless concierges, various local entities, and droves of our guests for our respect and commitment to safe adventures. 

With our impeccable credentials put to the test more than ever now by the pandemic, the Wild Bunch Desert Guides are following these COVID-19 protocols to reduce the exposure risks for our guests.
  • Social-distancing guidelines from the CDC are followed during every hiking or mountain biking adventure tour. Guides also are required to regularly wash and/or sanitize hands before, during and after each outing.
  • All gear and equipment provided for use is sanitized after every adventure tour by staff using protective gloves and extra cleaning supplies, including a stronger-than-normal disinfectant featuring a 10-percent bleach solution. As an additional precaution, the disinfected equipment is dried while waiting 24 hours between use by another guest. These extra sanitizing steps are taken on mountain bikes, bike helmets, cycling gloves and any backpacks.
  • Protective masks are not mandatory for outdoor activities. However, hiking or mountain biking guests can choose to wear their own face covering or request a complimentary mask from an adventure tour guide.
  • Guides are provided protective face coverings to wear when required to be in closer proximity to guests, such as providing first aid or helping a guest on to a mountain bike. As an extra safety precaution, some guides also may choose to wear their mask throughout an adventure tour.
Coronavirus Masks while biking or hiking
  • All guides carry hand sanitizer for the adventure tour they are leading, as well as extra pre-packaged masks that any guest can receive upon request.
  • The to-and-from, pickup-and-drop off transportation option for any adventure booking remains available. However, because of the heightened risk of COVID-19 exposure to our guests and guides from riding in a vehicle together, all guests are asked to consider selecting instead the booking option of meeting their guide at the trailhead. Detailed directions are provided to those guests selecting this option. Thank you for understanding and considering ahead of time this difficult but necessary safety precaution during this challenging time.
  • All guides receive regular temperature checks to screen for signs of COVID-19. Guides also are not allowed to work if feeling ill the day of an assigned tour.
  • Contactless payment available for gratuities and any late upgrades or add-on booking features.

The specific cleaning protocols include staff wearing gloves while spraying all mountain bikes after use. Initially, bikes are sprayed with a soap/water solution for cleaning before sanitizing with a 10-percent bleach solution. Both spraying techniques focus on the saddle, handlebars, top tubes, brakes, shifters, bells, and grips. 

Bike helmets and cycling gloves are disinfected in this same two-step spraying process. Backpacks provided for hiking or mountain biking are sprayed out with disinfectant after each use, too. All gear and equipment then are set aside for drying and a 24-hour wait between use by another guest.

COVID Protocol - Wiping Down Handlebars
COVID Protocol - Spraying Off Seat
COVID Protocol - Cleaning Helmets
Also helping make a Wild Bunch Desert Guides adventure tour safe during these unprecedented times is the nature of our business! 

Our tours are completely private – only you and/or your family/travel party are with one of our expert guides in the great outdoors, with plenty of social-distancing space in the wide-open Sonoran Desert.

Thank you so much to all of our guests for your continued understanding and support of these many safety measures during these unpredictable and complicated times.

We have had tremendous success with our impeccable COVID-19 protocols, and we look forward to you being our guest for a safe and enjoyable customized adventure! 

Very sincerely,

Laurel Darren

Laurel Darren,
Wild Bunch Desert Guides 

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We go mountain biking in Arizona every year. There are two things we look for -- a challenging trail appropriate for our family, and an amazing guide. Laurel is an amazing guide we have worked with previously, and we couldn't have been more excited to support this business she is growing. Why was this excellent? We had full trust that she would pick a trail that fits us (started at Tom's Thumb and ended 21 miles later back at Tom's Thumb), and she knows when to push us and when to dial it back. Laurel has an amazing energy and positivity to her that's infectious. She works incredibly well with our son, who mountain bikes in middle school, challenging him appropriately, while also not letting those a little less fit (me) get too far behind. The bikes were fantastic, she had everything we would need for a fun day. It made it an incredible end-to-end experience and we will definitely see her again when we return to Arizona. I think you'll find Wild Bunch unique in the sense that if you are a hard-core mountain biker, you'll be challenged … if you are middle-of-the-road amateurs like us, you will be challenged and have fun, and even if you are somewhat of a beginner, you'll find that Wild Bunch can adjust to what's right for you and show you a great time!

- Wilson D.

My wife (and I) were in town for a family event, and she surprised me with a guided mountain biking tour (I’m a New England biker, and have always wanted to try some desert riding). We have very different experience levels, but despite that, the guides Tom and Gabe were able to select a loop of trails that not only bridged our experience gap and gave us both good excitement and challenge, but also showed us some of the prettiest parts of the Sonoran Desert. Good equipment, great guides, awesome experience.

- William S.

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