Advantages of a Hiking Guide in Phoenix

by Laurel Darren - Wild Bunch Desert Guides • May 09, 2022
Hiking is a great way to get out and exercise while enjoying nature's beauty, and the beautiful hiking trails can be found near Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. Thousands of people can be found hiking on the trails in "The Valley of the Sun" every day. One of Arizona's most famous hiking spots are the trails through the Sonoran Desert, which is a surprisingly lush and vibrant desert. Hiking on a 90 minute or half-day tour in the Sonoran desert will be an awesome experience, and the Wild Bunch Desert Guides will help make it the most memorable - and safe - experience of a lifetime.

Phoenix Hiking Tour Guide

When hiking the beautiful trails of Arizona, you'll want a hiking guide with the experience to make your hiking adventure a memorable experience. Seeing the Sonoran Desert on foot is truly an intimate experience when led by professional guides who know every inch of the trails. Day tours in the Valley of the Sun are the ultimate hiking adventure. You'll get to experience the Sonoran Desert's unique ecosystem that hasn't changed much from the wild west days.

Desert Life

Hiking in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona is a magical experience. Some deserts are just sand, wind, and many miles of nothingness. Not the Sonoran Desert; it's uniquely vibrant with plants, wildlife, and even water. Not all deserts are arid and absent of water. It rains quite often in the Sonoran. The rainwater may quickly evaporate on the surface, but it nourishes the plant life below ground. Saguaros, barrel cactuses, and branching chollas thrive in the Sonoran, along with 2,000 other types of plant species. The Sonoran Desert not only has lush plants and flowers, but it has wildlife, such as chuckwallas, lizards, foxes, and coyotes.

The Sonoran Desert is a beautiful area but can be unkind on occasion. You don't want to head home from your vacation with a sunburn and Saguaro spines. That's why you need an experienced guide to lead you on your full-day tour hike in the desert or mountains.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Desert Dangers

Having a Phoenix hiking tour guide as your companion as you explore will help keep you safe. Every year hikers underestimate the heat, how much water to bring on the hike and suffer heat stroke and dehydration. Having an experienced hiking guide means you won't run out of water on the trail.

And the wildlife here includes scorpions and rattlesnakes which you'll get a kick out of seeing, but you'll want to keep your distance while admiring how well they've adapted to life in the desert. Oh and those pin cushion cactus that look so soft... not so much... don't touch!

What You'll Need To Bring

To start your guided Arizona Desert tour, you'll need to bring a few things with you, such as:

Clothing - Hiking is an activity that'll make you sweat. So, materials that wick moisture are recommended, and having an SPF is even better. Sleeves are great for blocking the sun.

Shoes - Hiking shoes or boots are a plus for a hiking tour that will cover some pretty rocky trails.

Headwear - A hat will do just fine for hiking the trails from start to finish: the wider the brim, the better.

Eyewear - Sunglasses will make the sun more tolerable while hiking.

Sunscreen - This is an absolute must. Remember that most sunscreens have an absorption time, so make sure to slather it on in plenty of time beforehand to keep yourself from turning lobster red.

Bottled water - Water is also something to have on hand. Staying hydrated during active excursions is vital.

Wild Bunch offers the use of backpacks that have been stocked with hiking necessities. You can use the one we provide or one that you've brought with you.

On a guided tour, you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Scottsdale, AZ, to create a memorable Sonoran Desert experience. When taking the sunset tour, you can meet your guide at the trail or request a hotel pickup at 3:30 p.m.

Adventure Tours

Whatever type of hiking or biking you're into in the Phoenix area, the Wild Bunch Desert Guides have you covered. Whatever the group size; if it's a private group or small-group with a private guide, day trips, or a sunset guided hiking adventure, we'll make sure it's given our own personal touch so it's the most memorable and enjoyable time you've ever had in nature.


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