Phoenix hiking tours wins with Super team

The top two teams in the NFL square off Sunday in Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium right here in my backyard in Glendale. However, with all due respect to the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, the best team in Arizona this weekend can be found as usual in the Sonoran Desert showing visitors the best of the old Southwest. The Wild Bunch Desert Guides deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences on their championship-level Phoenix hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours.

Phoenix hiking tours safest Super Bowl bet

The long-awaited matchup is set. For the first time since 2017 – and only the 14th time in history – the top seeds from both the AFC and NFC are meeting in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, Feb. 12. The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles are squaring off in what should be an instant classic right here in my backyard at State Farm Stadium in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale, Ariz. So, everybody asks these days, who you got? My politically correct answer: I’m rooting for everybody to have a “Super” time during their visit to the Valley of the Sun. But if you are a gambler looking for some action? Here’s the hottest inside betting tip in town -- Phoenix hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours with my Wild Bunch Desert Guides is a fun-in-the-sun proposition I like to call “Laurel’s lock.” We are even offering a “Super” discount for hiking with us – whether or not you are in town for the NFL finale!

Phoenix mountain bike tours a good call by ref

Nobody loves the referees, it has been suggested, except by their families and friends -- and that's assuming those officials stay away from working a game involving a favorite team of those loved ones. If so, Wild Bunch Desert Guides owner and operator Laurel Darren is a notable exception – and for one very good reason after one of the Phoenix mountain bike tours she guided recently.

Phoenix hiking tours: Happy New Year!

Laurel Darren resolved long ago to avoid making New Year’s resolutions. However, the Wild Bunch Desert Guides owner does have a 2023 promise for guests. Her small mom-and-pop specialty shop will continue offering the same great Phoenix hiking tours and Scottsdale mountain bike tours made famous by five-star reviews. The Wild Bunch draws those raves regularly for homespun hospitality, superb customer service and customizable adventures.

Merry Christmas, Phoenix mountain bike tours

Christmas came early this year for guests booking Phoenix mountain bike tours with the Wild Bunch Desert Guides. But while first-timers and curiosity seekers surely failed to realize the holiday magic, repeat riders and veteran off-roaders lit up like Christmas trees upon finding out.

Finding fulfillment on Phoenix hiking tours

From the wonderous natural beauties in the Sonoran Desert to meeting incredible people from all over the country, Wild Bunch guides and guests alike find many different kinds of fulfillment on Phoenix hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours.

Date Night ideas in Phoenix? Try Phoenix adventure tours

The perfect pairing of comedic geniuses Tina Fey and Steve Carell makes the mistaken identity and madcap misfortune in the movie “Date Night” a truly hilarious experience to watch. But make sure to avoid a sad sequel yourself – especially when looking for romantic things to do in Phoenix during your next vacation or couples’ getaway. Here are some super cool Date Night ideas in Phoenix from the owner of five-star rated Phoenix hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours. Best yet, this list of things to do in Phoenix for couples offers real-life adventures better than any film can conjure up.

Gobbling up Phoenix adventure tours

Go ahead and pile on the turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Throw some cranberry sauce and stuffing on there, too. And you always have to save room for pumpkin or pecan pie – or better yet both, I always say. But understand that my plate already is full as we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Feast on these many blessings from my Phoenix hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours to understand why this Phoenix adventure tours owner is extremely thankful this Thanksgiving holiday.

Sunrise or sunset: Phoenix hiking tours shine

“Don’t let the sun go down on me” was one of Elton John’s biggest hits in the 1970s. A George Michael cover of that classic also was a No. 1 worldwide smash in the 1990s. However, the tune has completely changed for guests on Phoenix hiking tours. Instead of pining about a curtain-dropper, Valley of the Sun visitors celebrate the ultimate showstopper splashing a palette full of Easter egg-colors on their once-in-a-lifetime vacation memories.

Vote for Phoenix hiking tours fun

Tired of all the campaign ads on TV? Weary of the non-stop political rhetoric? I’m Laurel Darren, the owner of Wild Bunch Desert Guides, and I approve this message -- because I’m asking for your vote when the ballot addresses fun for the whole family. After all the venom and vitriol leading up to Election Day 2022, we all could use a getaway to get unplugged and get back to nature with our loved ones on one of our Phoenix hiking tours or Phoenix mountain bike tours.

Phoenix hiking tours: No tricks; just a treat

Phoenix hiking tours or Phoenix mountain bike tours from the Wild Bunch Desert Guides are a real treat for guests of the small mom-and-pop specialty shop. Totally private, completely customizable experiences stressing safety and homespun hospitality make these Phoenix adventure tours a great addition to Trick-or-Treat buckets any time – not simply this Halloween.

Things to do in Phoenix in February

Arizona’s “Valley of the Sun” is a popular destination for everybody from Snowbirds to Spring Breakers to escape the worst of the winter weather. That has helped make Phoenix the epicenter for a “Frantic February” of annual events ranging from Major League Baseball’s spring training to the PGA Tour’s party-hearty Waste Management Phoenix Open to the world-renown Barrett-Jackson Car Collector Auction. But whatever your reason for visiting one of the world’s top vacation destinations, here are some travel tips and things to do in Phoenix February 2024.

Phoenix hiking tours: ‘Nightmares on Cactus Street’

From “Psycho” and other classic Hitchcock thrillers to Stephen King chillers such as “The Shining,” horror films consistently rate among the most popular of movie genres. The great horror director Wes Craven often spoke of the feelings of fear, dread and danger as an addictive elixir keeping fans clamoring for more on the big screen. People simply seem to love sitting in a darkened theater on the edge of their seats for a rollercoaster ride of shocking surprises whether watching monsters, killers or psychological thrillers do their worst to unsuspecting victims. However, neither Freddy Krueger nor Michael Myers nor Pennywise is what keeps me up at night these days.

Phoenix hiking tours: How I spent my summer vacation

The Labor Day Holiday weekend used to be the finish line – and that still is a week away. However, the final strains of summer vacations have already played out in much of the country. So, what did your favorite Phoenix adventure tours operator learn during her working summer break from Phoenix hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours? Offering Colorado summer hiking tours for the first time has brought back a lot of memories – and revealed some key differences.

‘Groupies’ limited on Phoenix hiking tours

Movies such as “Almost Famous” and “The Banger Sisters” put Rock N’ Roll groupies in the spotlight. However, this Blog addresses “groupies” of a different kind – with corporate outings, both large and small, trickier propositions than one might think for Phoenix hiking tours and Scottsdale mountain bike tours. That is especially true for a small mom-and-pop specialty shop with limited resources such as the Wild Bunch Desert Guides. Group outings for Camelback Mountain hikes are also impossible for any Phoenix adventure tours operator of any size because of safety concerns.

Phoenix hiking tours vow: ‘Every step I take’

Ever get the incredibly calming feeling of having a Guardian Angel peering over your shoulder? The founding owner of Phoenix hiking tours operator Wild Bunch Desert Guides can relate to having a watchdog keeping her safe with every move she makes. Now, she honors the memory of her little angel with every step she takes guiding Phoenix adventure tours – and by showing off the natural beauty they experienced together on so many hikes in Phoenix and beyond.

New heights for Phoenix hiking tours

The Wild Bunch Desert Guides open a new chapter this week in their history of providing five-star rated Phoenix adventure tours. Founding owner Laurel Darren is turning her annual summer retreat into a working vacation by adding Colorado hiking tours in the remote tourist destination of Lake City CO. Here is a detailed look at the natural beauty to be discovered on the five trails offered in our new service.

Summer fun for Phoenix hiking guides

So where do Phoenix hiking guides escape when they go on summer vacation? For the founding owner of the Wild Bunch Desert Guides, the remote wilderness wonderland of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains is the answer. The breathtaking beauty in the area surrounding Lake City serves as a superb summer home for those interested in the outdoors – whether fishing or hunting, or if hiking, mountain biking or climbing is your jam. Laurel Darren’s personal piece of paradise also is allowing her to make this summer a working vacation – and offer amazing, guided Colorado hiking tours this summer.

The Importance of A Certified Guide For Your Hiking Or Mountain Bike Adventure

When you're planning your hiking vacation in the Scottsdale area, you need to find a certified team to take you on your guided adventure. If you're looking to book a tour and find a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Keep in mind that your safety and any friends or family with you are most important when on a hiking adventure. More than saving a few dollars.

Advantages of a Hiking Guide in Phoenix

When hiking the beautiful trails of Arizona, a hiking guide makes the experience safer and sweeter. Seeing the Sonoran Desert on foot is truly an intimate experience when led by professional guides who know every inch of the trails.

Phoenix hiking tours: Sun still shining

I am a huge fan of the Rocky Balboa film franchise and its fictional philosopher in the boxing trunks. Among the many gems I was reminded of so far this year? “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows,” the Rock has said. During the busiest of busy seasons for Phoenix hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours, I also got to successfully test his theory that life is “about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Group mentality of Phoenix hiking tours

With new COVID cases recently dropping down to zero, Arizona tourism thankfully is what’s spiking in the Valley of the Sun. Phoenix/Scottsdale adventure tours are experiencing the busiest busy season many can remember. But the glut of guests has created a large problem for large group and corporate outings seeking Phoenix hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours. Here is the fix for the Wild Bunch Desert Guides.

Phoenix adventure tours: Cheers to ‘frequent flyers’

The song from “Cheers” is absolutely right. People do love “to go where everybody knows their name” – because everybody enjoys being made to feel important and special with superb service and tremendous treatment. That is why repeat patrons are a sure sign of success in any service industry. “Regulars” become the core of any great business by showing great loyalty to their favorite people, places, and products. However, for Phoenix adventure tours, “comebacks” become extended members of the Wild Bunch Desert Guides family – just like these folks featured in our latest Blog.

'Elite Eight' of adventure tours Phoenix/Scottsdale

With Spring Breaks fast approaching, there is no need to wait until “Selection Sunday” to choose the must-do adventure tours Phoenix/Scottsdale. If planning a “March Madness” dance to Arizona, these are the “Elite Eight” stops to make during your visit to the “Valley of the Sun.”

Phoenix hiking tours share ‘Super’ message

A pair of Florida teens have added new meaning to the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The duo are dedicated to ocean conservation, with their clean-up efforts turned into artwork sold to benefit environmental causes. After delivering their latest sculpture to Super Bowl LVI, the boys and their moms shared their “super message” during a Phoenix hiking tours pit stop on the way home.

New year, same great Phoenix hiking tours

Wild Bunch Desert Guides owner Laurel Darren resolved long ago to avoid making New Year’s resolutions. However, she does have a 2022 promise for guests – the Wild Bunch will continue to offer the same great Phoenix hiking tours, Scottsdale mountain bike tours & superb customer service.

'Tis the Season for hiking tours in Phoenix

'Tis the Season for holiday hours, and Phoenix hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours are no exception. Wild Bunch Desert Guides do offer hiking and biking help on the holidays, though, to make your Christmas merry and New Year's celebrations happy..

A Thanksgiving feast from Phoenix hiking tours

What makes a Phoenix adventure tours owner thankful this Thanksgiving? Turns out, an awful lot since last year's holiday and, before that, the worst days of the COVID pandemic. Feast on these many blessings realized during Phoenix hiking tours and Scottsdale mountain bike tours.

Phoenix adventure tours? Priceless

To borrow the set up from a famous and much imitated advertising campaign: Plane tickets for a family of five to Arizona? $1,460. A week’s stay at one of those posh all-inclusive resorts? $5,200. A guided Phoenix hiking tour with the Wild Bunch Desert Guides? $575. The looks on the faces of your loved ones while hugging a cactus and witnessing the incredible otherworld landscape during one of these memorable Phoenix adventure tours? PRICELESS.

Veterans Day every day on Phoenix hiking tours

A group of West Point classmates recently reunited in the Phoenix area on one of the Phoenix hiking tours from the Wild Bunch Desert Guides. Witnessing the event reminded company owner Laurel Darren that every day should be Veterans Day, with our collective thanks to the military for their selfless service protecting our freedoms not limited to one day each November.

Enjoy Handicap Accessible ADA Hiking Trails in Phoenix

The Phoenix Metropolitan Area rates among the top communities nationally for hiking and mountain biking opportunities. Sun-kissed weather conditions allow for endless days of exploring the hundreds of miles of trails in the other-world beauty of the Sonoran Desert. The incredible variety of trails includes dozens of ADA accessible hiking trails suitable for every age and ability level. Everything from wheelchairs to walkers, and scooters to strollers can be used on these handicap hiking trails, which in turn allows every member of a family or group to experience one of the Phoenix hiking tours from the Wild Bunch Desert Guides.

Every dog has its day on Phoenix hiking tours

Travelling with your dog and want Bingo by your side for all the unforgettable moments in the Valley of the Sun? This is not “Ruff Stuff!” You are more than welcome to bring Rover on one of our guided Phoenix hiking tours. Here are the rules and recommendations to follow to enjoy a dog friendly hike with man’s best friend.

Just what the doctor ordered! Phoenix mountain bike tours next

What did I do on my 2021 summer vacation? Instead of a back-to-school story, this is my return-to-business tale. Here is how a return to competitive mountain bike racing has more than prepared me to tackle the challenges to come from the “busy season” for tourists at my small business of offering guided Scottsdale hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours.

Staying safe on Scottsdale hikes

What does a Phoenix adventure tours owner think of two tragedies in six weeks of unguided public hiking in Arizona’s triple-digit heat? Quite a lot, actually, especially in relation to the Scottsdale hiking tours offered by her Wild Bunch Desert Guides.

Oktoberfest of Phoenix adventure tours awaits

Beer, brats and Lederhosen are the usual fixtures at any Oktoberfest celebration. However, guided Scottsdale hiking tours and Phoenix mountain bike tours also are part of the party this fall in Arizona. Wild Bunch Desert Guides owner Laurel Darren observes her October Homecoming from a summer full of rest and relaxation that has recharged, refocused and reinforced her commitment to providing once-in-a-lifetime memorable Phoenix adventure tours.

Labor Day Means Back To School Fun... For Parents - Scottsdale Hiking Tours

The extended Labor Day holiday weekend is upon us. Time for picnics, cookouts, and all sorts of great get-togethers as we all work hard to have some last summer-blast fun. If considering a quick getaway this or any other weekend, guided Scottsdale hiking tours with Wild Bunch Desert Guides also is a perfect part of any couples retreat or family outing on the long break from the workaday grind.

Phoenix hiking tours: No substitutes, please!

Phoenix hiking tours with Wild Bunch Desert Guides are completely customizable to the desires of our guests. From trail difficulty to private group size to celebrating special occasions on the trail, every adventure is tailored to your wants, needs and wishes. The one unchangeable item in the summer, though, are early-morning start times. Read on to discover why.

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Guiding your Phoenix adventure tours

Besides our guests, the guide we provide is the most important element of any Phoenix adventure tours from the Wild Bunch Desert Guides. Our pathfinders deliver the perfect mix of homespun hospitality and local expertise to produce five-star rated Phoenix hiking tours and Phoenix mountain biking tours. So, we always take time to match the perfect guide and perfect trail to every guest to help produce the perfect experience.