Phoenix Hiking Tours & Guided Mountain Bike Trips

Picture-perfect Arizona weather. Unbelievably beautiful desert landscapes and mountain views. Hiking or mountain biking in the Wild West with guidance from some of the most-knowledgeable, down-to-earth pathfinders on the planet. Plus, every excursion is private – only you, your family or chosen group.
Wild Bunch Desert Guides mixes all three tasty ingredients together for a delicious fun-in-the-sun recipe for adventure seekers in the Phoenix area.

Hike or Bike on the Wild Side

Phoenix Hiking TourWhether seeking a Phoenix hiking tour or mountain biking tour in Scottsdale -- or a combination of both --  the Wild Bunch “Tours by Locals” promises a unique, customizable experience for each of our guests during a visit to Arizona’s legendary “Valley of the Sun.”

Instead of a big box store or high-volume chain restaurant, the Wild Bunch is that local mom-and-pop specialty shop offering the personal touch we all crave when away from home.

The Wild Bunch works harder than the national adventure tour companies to provide a once-in-a-lifetime hiking or mountain biking adventure for every single guest. That is why the Wild Bunch is famous for repeat visitors and five star, rave reviews. Our award-winning guided tour service offers more than the same old experience and well-worn excursion routes as the cookie-cutter corporate hiking companies.

Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Please tell us all about that when we contact you during our personalized booking process! The Wild Bunch wants to help mark every special occasion with our home-spun hospitality and special southwestern touch.

Expert bike riders, and hikers can delight in the unlimited combination of trails, variety of terrain and levels of challenges at our disposal in the Sonoran Desert’s Phoenix Mountains and Scottsdale hiking trails.

However, the personal touch is why the Wild Bunch specializes in families and first-time adventurers. Our kid-friendly program is centered around our tour guides expertise at assessing the hiking or mountain biking capabilities of our guests and matching their experience level with the varying degrees of difficulty on the many routes and journeys offered. Our private guided hiking trips and mountain bike tours can offer everything from a leisurely stroll to a steep mountain climb.

Wild Bunch Desert Guides is genuinely devoted to making our guests feel like family. Our adventure guides are both patient and caring enough to take the time necessary to assure your experience is out-of-this-world fun and picture-album memorable. Our pathfinders are also medically trained to help keep you safe and give you peace of mind on your private hiking tour or mountain biking trip in the unlikely event of an accident.

All tours include snacks, water, and a professional guide for 3-4 hours of Mountain Biking. Families with kids receive a $15 discount per child 10-and-under. An adult must accompany children. 

PRICES DO NOT include taxes, an online booking-system fee, and any gratuity decided upon by our guests.

TIPPING TIP: Same as any service industry workers, the best adventure travel tour guides typically earn a gratuity of 20-percent or more from their guests.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All we ask for is a credit card to hold the time and guide. We know minds and plans change. We offer a full refund up to 48 hours before the departure time of your tour. After that, 50-percent of the deposit is forfeited to help cover the costs of guides, as well as booking, bikes, and other equipment. Thank you for understanding. NOTE: Weather rarely works against outdoor plans in the “Valley of the Sun,” but should we have to cancel a tour to preserve the delicate balances in the desert, we will refund everything.

GROUP POLICY: For Groups of 10 or more please call us at 602-663-0842 to schedule, online booking is not available. A 20-percent gratuity will be added to the tour total. The group outings require extra planning and guides, so we ask that you confirm your group number 48 hours in advance. If things change last minute, please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate, but Safety and Service will be our primary focus. Thanks for understanding!
NOTE: The pickup-and-drop-off transportation option for any adventure booking remains available. However, because of the heightened risk of COVID-19 exposure to our guests and guides from riding in a vehicle together, all guests are asked to consider selecting instead the booking option of meeting their guide at the trailhead. Detailed directions are provided to those guests selecting this option. Thank you for understanding and considering ahead of time this difficult but necessary safety precaution during this challenging time.

Early riser? Want to hike before our scheduled start times? Give us a call at 602-663-0842 and we'll try to accommodate you.


Hiking or Mtn Biking - Reasons to go Wild

The Top 10 benefits of booking a guided hiking tour or mountain biking adventure with Wild Bunch Desert Guides:
  • Elimination of any worries, from logistics to local knowledge to safety and support! We handle the details so you can maximize your fun on an excursion in the Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ area!
  • Detailed follow-up to customize your hike or MBT outing and make sure all your special needs are satisfied, from snack choices to celebrating a special occasion in the Sonoran Desert or Phoenix Mountains;
  • Personal care to ensure a once-in-a-lifetime experience and avoid the pratfalls of the bigger, cookie-cutter corporate outlets that offer the same well-worn routes and tours to the detriment of all visitors, but especially repeat hikers or mountain bikers;
  • A variety of customizable options include solo excursions, where you are one-on-one with a guide, or booked as a couple or even larger private party to hike or bike ride together with one of our knowledgeable tour guides. Every outing is a private experience that offers the choice of a 3-4-hour adventure or 90-minute journey, we can even include a gorgeous Arizona sunrise or sunset if you wish;
  • No need to buy, rent or haul your own Mountain Biking equipment to enjoy one of our guided cycling tours! The Wild Bunch provides top-notch, first-class Marin Performance Hardtail Mountain Bikes, helmets, and gloves for use by you and your party on expedition.
  • Knowledgeable and caring tour guides lend their vast expertise to you and your party, whether a private hiking or mountain biking tour or a combination of both!. All guides are medically trained and devoted to delivering you the best experience;
  • Transportation options to and from your adventure means you leave the hassle of driving in an unfamiliar location to us.
  • Families and first-timer hikers and mountain bikers receive the special attention needed! Because we treat you like part of our family, we take the time necessary to assess your capabilities and match your desired adventure with your experience level.
  • A kid-friendly program means children get to connect with nature at a young age and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience biking or hiking in phoenix with their parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles instead of being left behind at the resort or hotel;
  • Local knowledge of the wide variety of trails and routes for Phoenix Mountain Bike Tours and Scottsdale Hiking Tours allows ramping up the challenges desired by expert hikers and mountain bikers while on their private adventure tour!
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Hiking in Phoenix? Get Wild with the Wild Bunch

Wild Bunch Desert Guides was founded by hikers and mountain bikers in Arizona who love the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix Mountains and Scottsdale hiking trails. We genuinely want to show off these beautiful natural wonders and share all they have to offer to visitors to the legendary “Valley of the Sun.”
The majestic Saguaro Cactus, the trademark of the Wild West, calls the Sonoran Desert home. The tree-like cactus with its majestic arms can grow to 70 feet tall and live to be more than 150 years old. The gorgeous white blossoms on the saguaro are the state flower of Arizona, and it blooms in the desert moonlight.

Hiking amongst the Saguaro in the Sonoran Desert

However, the Saguaro is only one of the most-prized jewels of the many local treasures we wish to share with guests on our guided hiking trips or guided mountain biking tours.
Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale is a must-see, bucket-list addition for expert adventurers seeking a majestic challenge. There are over 300 miles of biking and hiking trails to match to your abilities, and countless combinations of local landmarks and spectacular landscapes to make exploring either the Phoenix Mountains or Sonoran Desert take your breath away.
Wild Bunch Desert Guides is an award-winning, top-rated adventure tour company because of our extremely knowledgeable, always personable, and dutifully prepared pathfinders. Our devoted crew of guides are both certified and medically trained, and they boast decades of adventure experience hiking and biking in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. The Wild Bunch pathfinders have a passion for exploring and a genuine commitment to making every journey safe, fun, and absolutely unforgettable.

Guided Hiking tours get an intimate experience while on foot, while guided mountain bike trips can cover more ground on two wheels. Or you can experience the best of both worlds with one of our hiking and mountain biking combo adventures. Choose between 3-4 hours or 90 minutes for your journey and whether you wish for a solo outing or group adventure. We cater to all skills levels, whether you want a mountain bike adventure challenge or casual stroll on your private guided hiking trip. Plus, every excursion is private – only you, your family or chosen group -- so they move at your pace.
From expert adventure tour guides to first-class mountain-biking equipment to countless extras, Wild Bunch Desert Guides provides all the tools needed for an Arizona day trip in the glorious “Valley of the Sun”.
“For a good time call” 602-663-0842 or click the button below to book now.

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