"Meet Laurel Darren of Wild Bunch Desert Guides"

VoyagePhoenix | Susan B. Barnes | 12-14-17

"What sets us apart is we are genuine and true to ourselves when it comes to how we take care of the guests. All my guides are amazing in their own way and I would never want to take that from them. We do not charge extra for private trips and we provide excellent guest service. The communication is the biggest part of it for us–ensuring we give the guests what their vision is and keeping them safe and smiling."

— Laurel Darren, Owner, Wild Bunch Desert Guides

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"Sunday Sunrise with Wild Bunch Desert Guides"

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"Dry Spell"

Modern Luxury | Tate Gunnerson | 12-21-17

"One of the most popular destinations in the area, Camelback Mountain has a number of trails of varying difficulty that lead past wildflowers, saguaro cacti and, let’s face it, at least a few rattlesnakes, but cliff tops overlooking magnificent 360-degree vistas make it well worth the trek. Wild Bunch Desert Guides will lead you up to the summit via the Cholla trail and then wind back down the Echo Canyon trail..., pointing out wildlife and edible cactus fruit along the way. The quirky, highly entertaining guides also lead biking adventures and private hiking tours of other less-challenging trails."

"Wild Bunch Desert Guides, Scottsdale"

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This is a journey and I hope lots of you will join us!!! Before you head to Scottsdale, plan trip itinerary details with our user-friendly Scottsdale tour planner , to make sure you see all that Scottsdale has to offer, including Wild Bunch Desert Guides."

"Sonoran Sojourns: Revel in the Cooler Weather and Opt Outside with these Desert Exploration Experts"

Phoenix Magazine | Mike Meyer | 12-18

"Runner and cyclist Laurel Simmons started the boutique company Wild Bunch Desert Guides three years ago. Guides take guests on private, custom tours that include hiking, mountain biking and road cycling. 'I want them to talk about our guide for days post-tour, and how amazing they were,' Simmons says. 'Or clink beers together because they rode 15 miles on mountain bike[s].' Simmons recently added a full-day tour of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve that combines hiking and mountain biking.... Call for availability."

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"Camelback Mountain. This iconic mountain next to the resort offers two advanced trails and unparalleled views. Choose Cholla Trail for a gradual ascent or the challenging Echo Canyon Trail with large boulders and rails for gripping. Explore on your own or schedule a private hike with Wild Bunch Desert Guides. "

"Arizona: A Small Piece of Unforgettable Heaven

The Irish Times | Gemma Tipton | 07-07-18

It's Better to Be Wild than Boring.

"Hike Camelback’s Echo Canyon trail with Wild Bunch Desert Guides."

"Fall Journey to Enjoy Seasonal Scottsdale Things to Do"

Parsons Villas | 04-29-19

"If you like to cycle and you love the desert, this Scottsdale thing to do is for you. Ride mountain bikes through the desert, between the towering cacti, up and down dusty washes and rocky terrain, covering more ground than if you were simply hiking. The Wild Bunch Desert Guides will design your trip to fit your biking skills, so you will be able to enjoy the beautiful Sonoran Desert scenery as you roll through it."

"Spring Training Travel Guide: What to Do in Arizona Between MLB Games"

AskMen.com | Susan B. Barnes | 03-12-19

"Wild Bunch Desert Guides"


"Wild Bunch Desert Guides was born in the imagination of a couple of people who love the desert and all it has to offer. What better way to share this with the countless visitors each year, than to take you ourselves and show you around! Our gang is made up of guides with years of experience here in the Sonoran Desert that have a passion for exploring and a genuine commitment to making adventures safe, fun, and unforgettable."

"Scottsdale, Arizona: The West's Most Western Town is also a Hub of Culture and Adventure"

iNews: Britain's most trusted news brand | Katrina Congalen | 05-14-18

"Fortuitously, jet lag means the 5am set-off for a hike up Camelback Mountain with Wild Bunch Desert Guides isn’t so much a hindrance as a boon—my body clock thinks it’s nearing noon. Camelback is a local institution, an obligatory jaunt... The hike is classified as a 'double black diamond'—which is to say, 'extremely difficult, long, rocky segments with possible drops and exposure, loose uneven rock, more than 20 percent grade, obstacles and excessive heat. The guides make heavy weather of how tough the climb is, but if you’re experienced it’ll take under an hour to summit."



"Women Involved Series: Laurel Darren"

Josie's Bike Life | Josie Smith | 03-11-19 

“For me personally, EVERY TOUR is my favorite guiding experience. I can honestly say --even with the other companies I have had the honor of guiding for, EVERY tour has its own piece that I LOVE and have had some sort of fun connected to it." 

​—Laurel Darren, owner, Wild Bunch Desert Guides

"Everywhere A to Z: North Phoenix Mountain Biking"

NBC 12 News KPNX, Phoenix, Arizona | Brandon Hamilton | 09-18-18 

“The most important thing with mountain biking, your front wheel goes where you are looking, you have to know your brake systems and you have to have situational awareness, so you don’t hit a rock or a rattlesnake," said Tommy Collins, certified mountain biking instructor and trail guide with Wild Bunch Desert Guides.

Wild Bunch Desert Guides gets a lot of attention. Be a part of the world-famous adventures in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona, with the Wild Bunch. 

"If you want to explore the trails but are unsure of which route is best for you, sign up with Wild Bunch Desert Guides for a guided hike of Camelback."



"How Gratitude Can Grow Your Tour"

Tips for Tour Operators | 09-22-18

"On the Tips for Tour Operators podcast, guests often provide tactic marketing and business advice. Laurel Darren called me with a different perspective. Her tour has grown, not because of a fancy, new strategy, but because of an old one: Gratitude. She shares how she’s learned to be grateful and give thanks whenever possible. She’s trained her guides to do the same and her business has seen huge growth because of it."

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