Wild Bunch Desert Guides COVID-19 Protocols

The safety and health of our guides and guests are my top priority in every scenario. Moving forward in an effort to reduce the exposure risk to our guests our guides will be implementing the following procedures.

Wild Bunch Desert Guides guides will be following all CDC guidelines for social distancing, continuing to disinfect all equipment we offer with use of gloves, extra cleaning supplies and stronger disinfectant which includes a 10% bleach solution.

Guests will have the choice to wear their own face mask, bandana or buff. Guides will carry extra masks in the event a guest asks about them or would like one. Our guides will be provided buffs to wear in scenarios that require them to be closer in proximity to the guest. IE: setting the guest on the bike for safety reasons or a first aid scenario.

Below are some adventure specific measurements in addition to the ones listed above.

Mountain Biking – Wearing gloves all bikes will be sprayed with soap/ water solution first. Next, they will be sprayed with a 10% bleach solution before the guests can touch the bikes. Both spray techniques will focus on the saddle, handle bars, top tubes, brakes, shifters, bells, and grips. The back packs we provide are disinfected via a spray solution, dried for 24 hour between uses. Helmets will be sprayed with soap and water first then sprayed with disinfectant dried for 24 hours between uses. Mountain bike gloves will be sprayed after use, sit for 24 hours between uses. Riders will be required to give at least 6’ of distance between each other during the ride.

Hiking- The back packs we provide will be sprayed out with a disinfectant after each use and sit for 24 hours between uses.

Thank you for all your support.

If any questions please contact Laurel Darren



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